Kevin is both a husband and father who would do anything within his power to protect his family. Through the years, the law offices of Bannon and Associates have met with numerous families to assist in their estate planning needs. One thing that is certain is that every family has different issues, wants and needs. Family dynamics change depending on what stage of life we are at on a certain time. When our children are young we are the caregivers. When we are older we may look to our children or others for assistance.

When doing an estate plan we listen to what is important to you and draw on our legal and personal experiences to educate you on the issues. We explain the alternatives that are available and tailor your estate plan to meet your needs. When a decision is made to move forward, we promptly provide the documents that are needed. A review of some of the services provided by Bannon and Associates are as follows:

Estate Planning
Probate & Estate Administration
Wills and Trusts
Tax Saving Trusts
Patient Advocate & Power of Attorney
An effective estate plan will facilitate the orderly transfer of assets to your beneficiaries as well as provide for security for a surviving spouse. When needed, estate taxes can be reduced or eliminated when a business or other assets are transferred upon death. For business owners, the continuity of the business and succession of ownership may be essential for any survivors. When applicable, probate can be avoided. We can advise you of your options as well as guide you through the whole process of getting your financial affairs in order.
We will advise you on different estate planning tools and depending on your needs, draft any wills, trusts or other estate planning documents. When applicable, we will advise you on alternatives on how to avoid probate upon your death. In the event a trust is created we will guide you through the process of transferring assets to the trust.
Our firm will work with you, your family or your personal representative to settle all matters relating to the estate of a family member. This includes inventory and accounting for all assets, payment of proper bills and claims, preparing and filing final personal returns as well as preparing and filing necessary estate tax returns and working with the beneficiaries for the distribution of assets.
In the event you become so sick that you cannot communicate or make medical decisions we can prepare documents that will appoint someone close to you as your advocate to make decisions based on instructions you leave. Doctors can rely on these documents and hopefully avoid the delay petitioning the court to have someone appointed on your behalf.
We will work with you to determine what tax exposure your potential estate will have upon your death. We will advise you as to different alternatives available to preserve your estate for your beneficiaries. When needed, we can prepare all trusts necessary to reduce the impact of taxes upon death.
GAL Representation
Under certain circumstances the probate court will require a Guardian Ad Litem. This person is appointed to act as their eyes and ears in ascertaining the facts of a current matter. Our office can act as a GAL when appointed by the court.
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