We can advise you on the best strategies to legally avoid overpaying taxes. This includes personal, business, estate and gift taxes as well as federal, state and local taxing authorities. We have achieved a higher level of competence that can ensure our clients are properly represented when dealing with governmental taxing authorities.
Tax Planning and IRS Representation
Tax Deferred Exchanges
Personal Tax Preparation
Estate and Gift Tax Preparation
Corporate, Partnership, LLC Tax Preparation
In the event you are audited we can represent you through every stage of the audit. This would include meetings with the IRS as your representative as well as appealing any changes and going to Tax Court.
We will prepare and process your federal Form 1040 as well as any additional state or local tax returns.
We will council you and prepare the necessary documents to obtain a tax free exchange under IRC 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges. Additionally, we can arrange for a qualified intermediary to hold the funds if a multiple party exchange is needed.
In the event of the substantial transfer of assets due to death or gifts we can assure that all legal requirements of filing estate or gift taxes are adhered to. We can advise you on strategies to avoid taxes on such events as well as issues relating to the orderly transfers of family owned businesses.
We will process and prepare all other tax returns for any type of entity including Form 1120 (corporation) 1120S (S-corporation) 1065 (partnership/LLC), 1041 (estates or trusts), 5500 (retirement plans).
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